HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Printer Drivers

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Printer Drivers

Printer drivers access the printer features and allow the computer
to communicate with the printer (via a printer language).


Check the ReadMe file provided on the compact disc for additional
software included and supported languages.

Certain printer features are available only from the PCL 6 driver.
See the printer software help for availability of features.

Drivers Included with the Printer

The following printer drivers are included with the printer. The most
recent drivers are available on the Internet. Depending on the
configuration of Windows computers, the installation program for
the printer software automatically checks the computer for Internet
access to obtain the latest drivers.

Within the computer installation program, select Typical Install to
install the PCL 5e, and PCL 6 drivers. Select Custom Install to
install only the software you prefer, or if you are a network
administrator. Select Minimum Install to install only the PCL 6
driver for basic printing.

PCL 5e


Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows Me


1. Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition

Windows NT® 4.0

Windows 2000

Windows XP

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Chapter 1: Printer Basics


Additional Drivers

You can obtain the following printer drivers by downloading them
from the Internet, or by requesting them from an HP-authorized
service or support provider. (See the telephone support flyer
included with the printer.)

OS/2 PCL/PCL 6 printer driver*

AutoCAD™ (Rev. 15 compatible Windows printer driver available
on the compact disc. Rev. 14 printer driver available with
HP LaserJet 5100 printer drivers (



*The OS/2 drivers are also available from IBM, and are packaged
with OS/2.


If the desired printer driver is not on the compact disc or is not listed
here, check the software application’s installation disks or ReadMe
files to see if they include support for the printer. If not, contact the
software manufacturer or distributor and request a driver for the

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Chapter 1: Printer Basics