HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Overview

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Most software applications do not require you to enter printer
commands. See your computer and software documentation to find
the method for entering printer commands, if needed.


The table at the end of this appendix contains commonly used
PCL 5e commands (page D-5). For a complete listing and
explanation of how to use PCL, HP-GL/2, and PJL commands, order
the PCL 5/PJL Technical Reference Documentation CD (page 7).


PCL printer commands tell the printer which tasks to perform or
which fonts to use. This appendix provides a quick reference for
users who are already familiar with PCL command structure.


Unless PCL 5e backward compatibility is required, HP
recommends that PCL 6 printer drivers be used to take full
advantage of all printer features. The PCL 5e printer driver in this
printer is not backward compatible with older printers that use PCL
5e printer drivers.


The printer has the ability to print vector graphics using the HP-GL/
2 graphics language. Printing in the HP-GL/2 language requires
that the printer leave PCL language and enter HP-GL/2 mode,
which can be done by sending the printer PCL code. Some
software applications switch languages through their drivers.


HP’s Printer Job Language (PJL) provides control above PCL and
other printer languages. The four major functions provided by PJL
are: printer language switching, job separation, printer
configuration, and status readback from the printer. PJL
commands may be used to change printer default settings.

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Printer Commands