HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Selecting PCL Fonts

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Selecting PCL Fonts

PCL printer commands for selecting fonts can be found on the PCL
Font List (page 82). A sample section is shown below. Notice the
two variable boxes for symbol set and point size.

These variables must be filled in or the printer will use defaults. For
example, if you want a symbol set that contains line-draw
characters, select the 10U (PC-8) or 12U (PC-850) symbol set.
Other common symbol set codes are listed in the table on page D-7.


Fonts are either “fixed” or “proportional” in spacing. The printer
contains both fixed fonts (Courier, Letter Gothic, and Lineprinter)
and proportional fonts (CG Times, Arial


, Times New Roman, and


Fixed-spaced fonts are generally used in applications such as
spreadsheets and databases, where it is important for columns to
line up vertically. Proportional-spaced fonts are generally used in
text and word processing applications.

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