HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Checking Memory Installation

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Checking Memory Installation

Follow this procedure to verify that DIMMs are installed correctly:

1 Check that the printer’s control panel displays


when the

printer is turned on. If an error message appears, a DIMM might
have been incorrectly installed. Check the printer messages
(page 63).

2 Print a new configuration page (page 80).

3 Check the memory section on the configuration page and

compare it to the configuration page printed before the DIMM
installation. If the amount of memory has not increased, the DIMM
might not be installed correctly (repeat the installation procedure)
or the DIMM might be defective (try a new DIMM).


If you installed a printer language (personality), check the Installed
Personalities and Options section on the configuration page. This
area should list the new printer language.

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Printer Memory and Expansion