HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Loading Tray 1

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Loading Tray 1


To avoid paper jams, do not load trays
while the printer is printing.

Tray 1 is a multi-purpose tray that holds
a variety of paper, including up to
100 sheets of paper, 10 envelopes, or
20 index cards. The printer might pull
paper from Tray 1 first. To change this,
see page 45. For supported sizes of
paper, see page A-4.

1 Open Tray 1 and pull out the tray


2 If the paper being loaded is longer

than 9 in (229 mm), flip open the
second tray extension.

3 Set the side guides to the desired


4 Load Tray 1. Paper should fit under

the arrows and tabs on the guides.
For correct orientation, see
page 32.

For example, load letter, A4, A5,
Executive, and B5 size paper with
the long edge toward the printer.

Load other sizes of paper with the
short edge toward the printer.

5 Make sure the guides touch the

edges of the paper without bending

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Chapter 2: Printing Tasks