HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Loading Tray 2

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Loading Tray 2

The following instructions are for
loading Tray 2. For supported sizes of
paper, see page A-5.


To avoid paper jams, do not load trays
while the printer is printing.

1 Pull the tray completely out of the

printer. Lift the tray cover.

2 Rotate the dial in the tray so the

printer will read the correct size of
paper. The toggle switch accesses
more sizes. An error might occur if
the dial is not set properly.


Setting the dial adjusts the printer’s
sensors. It does not adjust the guides
inside the tray.

3 Make sure the paper size setting

matches the size of paper loaded, or
the printer might jam or other errors
might occur.

4 Tilt the blue rear guide toward the

front of the tray to detach it.

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Chapter 2: Printing Tasks


5 Align the rear guide with the desired

paper size. With the guide angled
slightly toward the front of the tray,
insert the two front tabs (A) into the
appropriate holes. Push the guide
upright, snapping the center tab (B)
into place.

The guide must always be placed
correctly in the tray (even for 11 x 17
or A3 paper).

6 Adjust the side guides to the proper


7 Load the tray. For correct

orientation, see page 32.

8 Make sure the paper is flat in the tray

at all four corners and below the tabs
on the guides.

9 Close the tray cover. Slide the tray

back into the printer.


If you want to print by type and size of
paper from the printer driver, configure
the tray settings in the printer’s control
panel to match the type of paper loaded
in each tray (page 47).




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Chapter 2: Printing Tasks