HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Printing Labels

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Printing Labels

Use only labels recommended for use in laser printers.
Multi-thickness labels and labels that do not stack flat might print
better rotated. To print rotated paper, see page 37. Make sure that
labels meet the specifications for the input tray you use (page A-8).


Print a stack of 50 labels from Tray 1 or a stack of 50 to 100 labels
from Tray 2.

For proper page orientation when printing labels, see page 32.

Try opening the rear output bin (page 26) to prevent curl and other

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Printing Labels

Do not:


Failure to follow these instructions can damage the printer.

Do not load Tray 2 to capacity because labels are heavier than

Do not use labels that are separating from the backing sheet,
wrinkled, or damaged in any way.

Do not use labels that have the backing sheet exposed. (Labels
must cover the entire backing sheet with no exposed spaces.)

Do not feed a sheet of labels through the printer more than once.
The adhesive backing is designed for only one pass through the

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Chapter 2: Printing Tasks