HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Selecting the Output Bin

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Selecting the Output Bin

The printer has two output locations: the rear output bin and the top
output bin. To use the top output bin, be sure the rear output bin is
closed. To use the rear output bin, open it.

The following table shows the minimum and maximum sizes of
paper supported in the output bins.


If paper coming out of the top output bin has problems, such as
excessive curl, try printing to the rear output bin.

To avoid paper jams, do not open or close the rear output bin
while the printer is printing.

Do not print envelopes, labels, paper wider than 11.7 inches
(297 mm) wide, small custom-size paper, postcards, or light or
heavy paper to the top output bin.

For printing stacks of large paper only, the paper stop on the top
output bin prevents long paper from being pushed over the edge
of the printer.

Top Output Bin

Rear Output Bin


From 3.9 to 11.7 inches wide

(100 to 297 mm wide)

From 3 to 12.28 inches wide

(76 to 312 mm wide)


From 5 to 18.5 inches long

(127 to 470 mm long)

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