HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Printing to the Rear Output Bin

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Printing to the Rear Output Bin

The printer always prints to the rear output bin if it is open. Paper
comes out of the printer face-up, with the last page on top.

To open the rear output bin, grasp the handle at the top of the bin
and pull the bin down. Slide out the first extension, then flip open
the second extension if necessary.

Printing from Tray 1 to the rear output bin provides the straightest
paper path. Opening the rear output bin might improve output quality
with the following:



paper wider than 11.7 inches (297 mm) or less than 3.9 inches
(100 mm) wide

small custom-size paper


paper lighter than 16 lb (60 g/m


) or heavier than 28 lb (105 g/m



Figure 7

Rear Output Bin

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Chapter 2: Printing Tasks


Adjust the Paper Stop

For printing stacks of large paper only,
the paper stop on the top output bin
prevents long paper from being pushed
over the edge of the printer.

1 Push in the center of the paper stop

to release it.

2 Pull the paper stop out until it stops.

3 Flip up the end section.

4 Adjust the paper stop to the desired


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Chapter 2: Printing Tasks