HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Clearing Jams from the Output Areas

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Clearing Jams from the Output Areas


If paper is jammed in the top output
area, but most of the paper is still inside
the printer, it is best to remove it
through the rear door.

1 Push in the two gray latches to

release the rear door.

2 Push down the green paper release


3 Grasp both sides of the paper, and

slowly pull the paper out of the
printer. (There might be loose toner
on the paper. Be careful not to spill
it on yourself or into the printer.)


If paper is difficult to remove, try
opening the top cover and removing
the print cartridge to release pressure
on the paper.

4 Close the rear door. (The levers

automatically return to their original
positions when the rear door is
closed.) Open and close the top
cover to clear the paper jam

If a paper jam message persists, there
is still paper in the printer. Look for
paper in another location (page 58).

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Chapter 4: Problem Solving