HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Solving Repeated Paper Jams

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Solving Repeated Paper Jams

If paper jams occur frequently, try the following:

• Check all the paper jam locations. A piece of paper might be stuck

somewhere in the printer. (See page 58.)

• Check that paper is correctly loaded in the trays, that the trays are

correctly adjusted for the loaded paper size, and that the trays are not
overfilled. (See the sections on loading paper, starting on page 24.)

• Check that Tray 2 is completely inserted into the printer. (If the tray is

opened during a print job, this might cause a paper jam.)

• Check that all covers and doors are closed. (If a cover or door is opened

during a print job, this might cause a paper jam.)

• Try printing to a different output bin (page 20).

• The sheets might be sticking together. Try bending the stack to separate

each sheet. Do not fan the stack.

• If you are printing from Tray 1, try feeding fewer sheets of paper or fewer

envelopes at a time.

• If you are printing small sizes (such as index cards), make sure the paper

is oriented correctly in the tray (page 36).

• Turn over the stack of paper in the tray. Also try rotating the paper 180°.

• Try rotating paper (such as perforated or multi-sheet forms and labels) to

feed through the printer from a different orientation (page 33).

• Check the quality of the paper being printed. Damaged or irregular paper

should not be used.

• Use only paper that meets HP specifications (pages A-2 through A-12).

• Do not use paper that has already been used in a printer or copier. (Do

not print on both sides of envelopes, transparencies, vellum, or labels.)

• Check that the power supplied to the printer is steady, and meets printer

specifications (page A-14).

• Clean the printer (page 54).

• Contact an HP-authorized service or support provider to perform routine

printer maintenance. (See the telephone support flyer included with the

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