HP LaserJet 5100 Printer series - Labels

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To avoid damaging the printer, use only labels recommended for
use in laser printers.

If you have problems printing labels, use Tray 1 and open the rear
output bin.

Never print on the same sheet of labels more than once.

Label Construction

When selecting labels, consider the quality of each component:

Adhesives: The adhesive material should be stable at 400° F
(205° C), the printer’s maximum temperature.

Arrangement: Only use labels with no exposed backing between
them. Labels can peel off sheets with spaces between the labels,
causing serious jams.


Prior to printing, labels must lie flat with no more than

0.5 inch (13 millimeters) of curl in any direction.


Do not use labels with wrinkles, bubbles, or other

indications of separation.

To print sheets of labels, see page 31.